Englewood boat races. Palm Sunday. April 13

On, and leading up to the weekend including Palm Sunday, Charlotte County has agreed to allow a promoter to run the offshore powerboat races that used to be held in Sarasota Bay on Manasota Key. The race will be run on Palm Sunday from Stump Pass to just beyond Englewood Beach in an oval course.

The race will include a parade of the boats and the boats being on display at the beach while on trailers and put into the water by a large crane that will be set up next to Flounders. These races and the events leading up to it are estimated to bring upwards of 50,000 spectators according to some commentators.

We caution you to be aware of the extraordinary traffic that will undoubtedly snarl our road on those event days and to be especially aware of weekly rentals during that month. While we always endeavor to be vigilant about enforcing the rules on renting we will ask that if you are going to rent your unit that week that you make sure that the renters are aware of our rules and will respect them as well as making sure that any non full month rentals are your only rentals for the month.

This event has been a very large “party weekend” and we do not want that fact to negatively affect our property. I have some experience with race weekends as my hometown, Joliet, has a NASCAR racetrack. From my observations 90% of the fans are respectful. However, about 10% seem to cause issues. If this is the case in Englewood then there could be over 5,000 “issues” in our little community that weekend.

If you need more information please be aware that the Boat Races Scheduled for Palm Sunday, 2014 will be the subject of a SMKA meeting. Jerry York, the organizer, will address that group at their November meeting. Please make a list of all your questions and email them to Joan Dunham Card at dun-hamcard@aol.com . Or call: 475-2011.

Hope to see all of you in the coming season!

Scott Reynolds, President

Admiralty Villas, Inc.

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